Freedom Vent Systems also carries an assorted arrangement of accessories for various ventilators, including brackets, straps and covers.

Rain Cover

FVC – 9000

The Rain Cover works just like the shower cover. When the ventilator user is caught out in the rain or is going out when rain is in the forecast, it simply protects the ventilator from getting wet.

Adjustable Bracket

FVC – 9001

Shower Cover

FVC – 9000

The Shower Cover allows the ventilator user to take a shower without the ventilator getting wet. Because of the Freedom Vent System, the ventilator simply hooks on the the back of the shower chair. With the Freedom Cover placed over the ventilator the user can enjoy a nice hot shower

Circuit Cover

FVC – 9002

The Circuit Cover is shown here without the carrier. The cover protects the hoses and keeps them out of reach of small hands or from being caught on objects. It also serves to hide the mechanical appearance of the hoses and the chair. It is not uncommon for people to not notice that someone with the Freedom Vent System with Circuit Cover is on a ventilator.

Velcro Straps

FVC – 9003

FVC-9003 Contains a full set of 4 velcro straps. This kit is to replace contaminated straps.

Freedom Vent Carrier

Pictured above is the Freedom Vent Carrier. With or without the Mini Freedom it is designed to lay close to the back of the chair even when the chair is reclined.