Kameron enjoys a day at the beach with her family. With the Freedom Vent Carrier, she is enjoying her freedom.
We were honored to meet Dr. Forest Bird, who invented the Bird Ventilator. After sharing our story with Dr. Bird, he endorsed our product and said, "The best invention comes from the heart. This photo was taken by a representative of Freedom Vent Systems. Shown in the photo is a special design for the AARC (American Association for Respiratory Care), where Adam spoke on behalf of the United States.
Dr. Forest
The Freedom Vent Carrier with Swing Away is now part of the Duke Life Flight team. The swing away handles make it possible for a ventilator to hang from the wall of the helicopter and then swing into place and hang onto a gurney or hospital bed.
Duke Life
Flight Team
Jason enjoys a day at the beach with his family. Jason special ordered his Freedom Vent Carrier to be orange.
Adam has had a dream of flying. It has been made possible with the Freedom Vent Carrier.
Camp Trails Edge in Michigan is a camp for ventilator dependent children and young adults. The Camp Director, Mary Buschell, and staff of respiratory therapist allowed children to enjoy the pleasure of the Lazy River and other water features at the Great Wolf Lodge. This was made possible because of the Freedom Vent Carrier and Shower Cover.
Camp Trail's Edge
Jill in the lazy river with the help of trained respiratory therapist and staff.
Camp Trail's Edge
Zack, Sarah & Brian
Trail's Edge
Amanda in the Lazy River.
Trail's Edge
What "Freedom" means to me, traveling, visiting, working, recreation, sporting events, restaurants, theaters, stores, malls, the beach, the mountains, easy to transport, fits everywhere, unlimited and unrestricted mobility. No limits. "Freedom" takes me wherever I want to go! Travis is a 31 year old Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patient. DMD patients can live longer than ever expected due to the opportunity and availability of good equipment (like Freedom Vent Carrier, etc.) which has enabled this to be a reality.
I just thank God for Freedom Vent Carrier. Lewis Dowdy is a 65 year old male with spinal cord injury.
Adam enjoys the day out fishing with his family.

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